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50 Bubble Brushes for Procreate

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These brushes have been developed over a great period of time. I created these because I really like to paint underwater scenes (as you might have noticed from my social media profiles).

These brushes made my workflow a lot easier, because I can add structure, texture and gazillions of bubbles in seconds. 

What's in the set:

There are a variety of brushes like 

Bubble Noise (background noise)

Splatter (tiny bubbles or water splatter)

Subtle filler (to add texture)

Bubbles (single and multiple in various styles)

Background bubbles (solid bubbles to add interest to the background)

The brushes come in a basic and hue variety (all but the background bubbles, which are set to multiply instead) cheat sheets for both varieties are included as well as an artwork of mine showing how I used the bubbles. 

The brushes are well suited for every beginner to digital art on Procreate. You don’t need any skills or knowledge to use them and you can create a lot of different artworks in a matter of minutes.

Any future update will be free of charge. 

There is also a free sample pack if you want to check out some of the brushes first.

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***Do not redistribute***

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will enjoy the brushes and have fun creating pictures with them :)

You are allowed to use the brushes for personal and commercial work, but are not allowed to re-sell the set.

Note: you don't need an Apple Pencil for the brushes to work, but it is recommended, as some of the brushes are pressure sensitive.

***This is a Digital Product! No physical item will be mailed to you***

purchase is final - no refunds on digital goods -

Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: These brushes were created in procreate 5X. They might not work with older versions!

***Do not redistribute***

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50 Procreate Brushes, 2 Cheat Sheets, 1 instruction PNG


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50 Bubble Brushes for Procreate

9 ratings
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