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Free Beginner Tutorial "Dolphins" for Procreate

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This is a very beginner friendly tutorial and shows how I created this piece in Procreate:

This set includes:

1x PNG file of the finished piece

1x instructions PNG

1x Brushset 

1x Colour Palette

I tried to put together a detailed description of what I did and explained all steps taken along the way. 

The instructions also include the colours I used in every step, so you always have visual guidance. 


I'm not a professional artist. I am completely self taught and am not claiming that this tutorial is the correct way, the only way, the best way, ... you name it. 

This is just how I went about it based on my own experiences. So this might not be helpful to everybody. 

Any future update will be free of charge. 

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***Do not redistribute***

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will enjoy the brushes and have fun creating pictures with them :)

You are allowed to use the brushes for personal and commercial work, but are not allowed to re-sell the set.

Note: you don't need an Apple Pencil for the brushes to work, but it is recommended, as some of the brushes are pressure sensitive.

***This is a Digital Product! No physical item will be mailed to you***

purchase is final - no refunds on digital goods -

Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: These brushes were created in procreate 5X. They might not work with older versions!

***Do not redistribute***

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1 PNG instruction file, 1 PNG, 1 Brushset, 1 Colour Palette


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Free Beginner Tutorial "Dolphins" for Procreate

11 ratings
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